A Community Health Extension Worker (CHEW) is a vital member of the healthcare team in Nigeria. They play a crucial role in the delivery of basic health services and the promotion of healthy living practices in rural and under-served communities.

Overall, CHEWs play a critical role in ensuring that basic health services are available and accessible to communities in rural and under-served areas.


Mallam Musa Ahmed


Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to;

  • Describe how epidemiologic principles and techniques are applied to the measurement of health and disease
  • Describe the interface between community health education and other health professions
  • Provide health care education and facilitate understanding by using the native language when appropriate, thereby fostering greater cross-cultural understanding
  • Facilitate communication between community members and healthcare providers, thereby enhancing accessibility of healthcare facilities
  • Demonstrate public health advocacy in the community and professional settings by sharing and educating those around them on the principle of public health.

Entry Requirement

Minimum of Five O’Level Credit at not more than Two Sittings which must include English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, or anyother relevant subject

Job Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to works as:-

  • Health Education: CHEWs educate the community on various health issues such as maternal and child health, nutrition, and disease prevention.
  • Disease Surveillance: CHEWs monitor the community’s health and report any disease outbreaks to the relevant authorities.
  • Treatment and Care: CHEWs provide basic medical treatment and care, such as dressing wounds and administering oral medications.​
  • Referral Services: CHEWs help to refer patients to higher-level healthcare facilities when necessary.​
  • Maternal and Child Health: CHEWs educate expectant mothers on prenatal care, assist with deliveries, and provide post-natal care.​
  • Community Mobilization: CHEWs work with the community to create awareness and encourage the adoption of healthy living practices.​

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