Junior Community Health Extension Workers (JCHEW)


Junior Community Health Extension Workers (JCHEWs) are healthcare workers who play a vital role in delivering primary healthcare services to communities in rural and underserved areas. JCHEWs work in collaboration with other healthcare providers, community members, and organizations to promote and maintain the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

The curriculum also includes practical experience and community-based training to provide students with hands-on training in a healthcare setting.


Mallam Musa Ahmed


The curriculum of a JCHEW course covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: The structure and function of the human body, including basic concepts in pathology, epidemiology, and pharmacology.
    Primary Health Care: promoting and delivering primary healthcare services, including immunization, maternal and child health, family planning, and health education.
  • Disease Prevention and Control: preventing and controlling communicable and non-communicable diseases, including malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and cancer.
    Community Health: working with communities to identify and address health issues, promoting healthy lifestyles, and addressing environmental factors that affect health.
  • Health Education and Communication: communicating health information to individuals and communities, using appropriate communication techniques, including interpersonal, group and mass communication.
  • First Aid and Emergency Care: providing first aid and basic life support in emergency situations.
  • Record Keeping and Reporting: maintaining accurate records of health activities, such as patient visits and treatments, and submitting regular reports to higher authorities.

Entry Requirement

Minimum of Three O’Level Credit at not more than Two Sittings which must include English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, or any other relevant subject

Job Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, graduates can work in a variety of healthcare settings, including community health centers, health clinics, and government health facilities. They can also work in non-governmental organizations, private healthcare facilities, or start their own community-based healthcare organizations. Graduates of JCHEW courses can also pursue further education in related fields such as nursing, midwifery, or public health.

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