Check Your Entrance Exam Score

All applicant for the 2022/2023 academic session who sat for the entrance exams, can now check their entrance exam score via the college portal.

Your Entrance Exam Score is calculated as a percentage of your Total Score. Your total score is the sum of your score in English, Mathematics, and Biology.

For example, if you got 60, 40, and 40 in English, mathematics, and Biology, your total score is 140. Now your entrance exam score will be (140/600) * 100% = 23.3%

Please follow the step-by-step instruction below to check your entrance exam score

  • Click on the button “Check Entrance Score“​
  • Enter Your Phone Number and Application Number (eg. sOHMX /22/XXXX) in the field phone number and form number. ​
  • Click on the button “Login & Continue”​
  • Click on the button “My Entrance Result”​

Click Here to Check NOW

Note you can get your form number and phone number from your acknowledgement slip.