This is to inform all successful Applicants that acceptance fee payment has commenced.

How to pay acceptance fees
Step 1. Visit Click on the button “Apply Now”.
Step 2. Click on the button ” Login”
Step 3. Enter your Phone Number and Application Number in the space provided.
Step 4. Click on the button “Login”
Step 5. Update your profile. Mandatory field to update ( passport and email) others are optional.
Step 6. Click on the button “Save”.
Step 7. Click on the button ” My Admission”. If you see a congratulatory message then proceed to step 8.
Step 8 Click on the button “My Payment” then on the “Acceptance Fee”. This will take you to remiter page. Choose the mode of payment and provide the required details.
Step 9. If payment is successful, print provisional admission letter and receipt. If you are debited and transaction shows “Not successful ” wait for at least 30min and click on the button “My Payment” then the button “ReQuery”. This will activate your payment.

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